2.7TMotorsport is a dealer for The-Tuner, TTH, Wagner-Tuning and Garrett turbocahargers.

– The-Tuner manufacturers highes quality accessories for the 2.7T engines.

TTH – Turbo-Technik- Hamburg is manufactoring turbochargers still based on true BorgWagner housings, wastegates and wheels. Last of its kind for this aging platform where most has downgraded to cheaper and unreliable China wheels

– Wagner – Tuning is worlds leading Intercooler manufacturor.

– Garrett manufacturers highest quality racing turbo-chargers

– 2.7TMotorsport  develope custom software (testing and tuning) with these products and knowhow around it. We give back feedback to further improove the platform.

We are not only parts resellers for the THE-tuner and Wagner. We have worked with these products for a long time, tested them, built complete setups for them and have developed software for them with world recognized performance. We have deep understanding and knowlandge what works and what needs special attention and where possible pits are. 

This saves time, money and frustrating moments for the customer when building high power 2.7T machine.

This makes us appart from the rest of parts dealers.

Knowledge and first hand experience!

We also sell many other brands and can get hand on most desarible parts.

We can develope software around any brand turbo-chargers such as B&W, Tial, G25….

Parts delivery!

In stock – part is available in our stock or central stock. This makes no differnece to our customers, as shipping is within 2-3 working days and shipping price is the same.

Not in stock – part is not available anywhere incl manufacturer.

2.7TMotorsport provides high-class parts for these cars.
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Note:  Contact me for personal offers and solutions

All products are for OFFROAD motorsport only. No warranties, refunds or exchanges