Robert’s LO750 3L – Gas98

S4 pjk04


TTE780 Antilag flames

TTE780 E80 + WMI

1900 +kg 2 per 100-200 6.1sec

TTE780 E80 + Flyby

Very fast flyby with NO lift shift

RS4 B5 Flyby

Custom software by Mocke
Very fast, NLS, flames

RS4 B5 RS6 turbos vs RS6 V10 MTM 720

E85 tuned rs4 b5 with RS6 turbos – 600ish+ hp 2 ppl in car vs RS6 V10 MTM 720hp
Rolling race 1km

Fully built 3L stroker RS4 loba600 turbos in boost weather.
2ppl in car 1900kg+
Ron98 petrol

S4, PJK04 extreme software flyby
800nm/561hp E85, NoLiftShift, Crackles

RS4 B5 TTE780 TunedByMocke Launch Control

RS4 B5 TTE780 TunedByMocke

Live Custom tuning session. RS4 B5 TTE780 E80 WinOls LC

RS4 b5 TTE780 20-230+

Flowtest between OE RS4 Intake manifold vs THE – Intake manifold

Stefan`s RS4 pjk04 100 – 200kph

Peter`s K04 hybrid rips through the gears

Fastest pjk04 on Planet Earth 100-200