Products – Garrett Wagner AutoVerdi

Custom 2.7TMotorsport GARRETT G25 Series kitt

Twin Original G25-550
Tial Original Wastegate x 2
Custom Exhaust manifolds – SS321 backpurged
Custom 3.5″-3″ DPs – 304L – based on our Downpipes we already relised.
Up-pipes to WGs.
THE-Tuner 70mm Inlets modified to fit PnP
Custom Inlet brackets
THE-Tuner 63mm pressure pipes modified to fit G25 PnP
Compressor housings aluminium outlet modification
Silicone Hoses for inlets and pressure pipes
The-Tuner Engine mount to allowe big size inlets
The-Tuner engine mounts
Complete thermal wrap:
Exhaust manifolds
Turbo hotside
WG hotside

The best small frame race application turbos for big power. No comparation to these on the market for 800 -1000hp segment.

Price: 10110Euro ( Price can change, email us for furher info).

2.7TMotorsport S4/RS4 Downpipes

Custom 2.7TMotorsport design.
SS304L material
Multiflange K03-K04-RS6- THE K08 PNP
3.5" after turbo stepping down to 3”all the way.
Stock Lambda placemant + extra WB02 on both sides bungs
Thermal wrap included
V-band connection at the ends for easier fittment.
V-band flange hardware included
VAG - Hi-flax joint
Proffesionally Made here with EU materials.
PnP fittment to any 2.7T with manual transmission.

Price: 675Euro ex VAT

S4 Style 2.7TMotorsport/AutoVerdi conrods

2.7TM/AutoVerdi 3/8 V2 conrods using any S4 style bearing. Fits any 2.7T 81.5mm+ bore. V2 version has a wider strenghened big-end around bolt area to give even more stability to 3/8 bolts. 
3/8 bolts standard - only rod on the market with these superior size bolts.
Lightest on the market along with being the strongest
Any power build possible 300-1500+ hp.
Honed and ready to install

Price: 1390Euro ex VAT


RS4 EVO 2 Competition 250x260x120mm
65mm inlet and outlets
The highest flowing Intercooler for RS4 on the market
Price: 1900 Euro + VAT

RS4 B5 EVO 1 Gen 2
55mm Inlet 65mm Outlet
Price: 1700 Euro + VAT

S4 B5 Competition Gen 2
90% better flow then OE
In and Outlet 53mm
Price: 950 Euro + VAT

OE 980cc Bosch Motorsport Injectors

Price: 510Euro ex VAT. Includes a set of adapters

AutoVerdi RS4 style Conrods

Highest quality Swedish Chrome Nickel Molybdenum steel. Using L19 or 625+ 3/8size bolts instead of conventional Arp 2000 5/16 to insure enough tensile strengh. This is a product that is used from street cars to NHRA Pro Stock to outboard F1 marine applications Its the conrod in its peak of performance demands and quality. Using OE RS4 style bearings that we can offer as well. One of the best on the market available. They come in set of 6 and are machined, honed and ready to install.

Price: 1500Euro plus VAT

OE RS4 Style rod bearings M+L

Price: 800Euro + VAT. Full set 6+6 bearings


Price: 40Euro ex VAT

2.7TMotorsport T-shirts

Size: S,M,L,XL

Price: 25Euro

Upgrade Mapsensors

4 bar – 80Euro ex VAT

3 bar – 70Euro ex VAT

These need an adapter, We offer it as well.

JE- Forged pistons – 81-83mm/stroker

On Request, Contact us for further information

Stealth Development PnP Airfilter

True Race airfilter. Fits PnP in stock Airfilter box. Meassured and proven highest flow on the market. Comes with extra layer for DD use or without for pure race mode. OBS!! It can raise the boost level and lean out the mixture due to no restriction. Should be tuned in.

Price: 300Euro + VAT

OBS!! ALL Sales are final, No Refunds or Exchanges