They ask how do we do it?? We get a complete list of hardware. It Can be anything.
Based on that we write a custom base software, that is locked. No possibility of boosting or overpowering. Ecu is sent to customer after full payment is registred. We convert all our work to true RS4 B5 1024kb image, as its way better platform with extra features…..

OBS!!! Payment is Valid six month after receiving our base software. This is the time customer has to solve all the hardware issues and get the car tuned.

Once the customer gets it.
Starts the car.

We hook up the wb02, incoded it into ECU, along with wbEGTs ( optional with high power cars), plant all our logging and flashing tools, live logging over 80 parameters both Req and actual. Get the remote login code and take over customers laptop that is connected to the car with cable we provide.

We take over the car, live in real time. Customer drives, and follows the instructions.

We work creating live and unik software for given setup based on live feedback from scratch. This is fairly long process, demanding the owner to have some technical skills.

Lets not forget also, this is one of the most fun times an owner can experience.

Sitting in the front seat live while his dream car – project is getting faster and faster.

Creator of some of the fastest 2.7T setups WWW.

Remote Consulting/Supervising/engine building/tuning

We do full blown remote engine build/tuning projects

Even thou some customers are on the other side of the world – through daily contact and long discussions we come with a plan. What the customer wants, power level, budget level, how is it going to be used, what parts etc.

Then we specify parts. We also deliver all the parts and specify the motor build . Leave this to customers trusted local shop. When job is done – we require blueprint on all given specifications.

Based on hardware we have, i then write a custom base software which is locked and only can be used to drive in the car and resolve all the new build eventual issues.

After that we tune it remotely with total control as in place. This is a time costly work which often with big size builds can take up to a year. Customer learns about his car and is highly involved in all the process, has total control over the whole build and knows how to handle big power B5 demands in the future. We are certain to say – there is not many if any 2.7T Specialized company in the world that has this kind of feedback and support. This is our biggest strength and we do it gladly over and over. Our Results speak for themselves.


We offer walkthrough , troubleshooting and consulting at no charge only if the parts and tuning are sorted through us to insure everything is done in correct fashion and we can write our name under it. Complite builds takes long time. Customer is obligated to finish it and get it tuned by us within a year. Tuning costs will be charged in the beginning of process ( year).

Tuning in place

We require 100% healthy setups. No DTCs or any sort of leaks prior tuning. We always pressure test the car before tuning – included in price. If faults are found – these must be resolved first with owners agreement at extra cost.

We always work from scratch with our own development of custom software. We do not add functions or do any kind of work with tunes done by eventual prior tuning companies as we find this highly unethical and we would not be able to stand behind our work.
Usually we take a car in for a week to do work. All tuning is done live on the street in real life circumstances as we find this to give best results.

The customer is always provided with all logs on results such as power made, performance, AFR readings, temperatures, timing values, timing corrections etc…. Basically a complete readout on project done.


We Offer several price levels based on setup

K04 – 900Euro ex VAT

Anything above K04 based – 1200Euro ex VAT

Garrett – 1700Euro ex VAT

Consulting 1000Euro

Existing map tweak – Email for Info. ( Only our own previous work and original owner)

We take no responsibility over engines that are not built by us!

OBS!! ALL Sales are final, No Refunds or Exchanges